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WebCAM Watson


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Motion controlled video monitoring with quick-motion picture for observation.

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WebCAM Watson is a perfect video monitoring system for your PC. 

Day-long observations diminish to minute length.

WebCAM Watson takes single pictures in adjustable temporal distances of the WebCAM. These pictures are converted to a AVI video with 25 frames per second.

Thus a quick-motion picture is created, with which long procedures can be controlled very fast.

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Ideally for

  • shop monitoring
  • monitoring of entrances
  • weather
  • monitoring job in absence and much more besides...

Any capture device, a WebCAM or a normal camera, attached to a frame grabber card, can be used.


  WebCAM Watson runs in the task bar of Win 98/Me/XP/NT/2000. It does not consume any place on the desktop.   With one doubleclick on the icon in the task bar the WebCAM Watson window with the camera picture becomes visible.