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WebCAM Watson Operation Manual

create quick motion pictures from the WebCAM for long time observations.


WebCAM Watson takes a picture from the WebCAM in adjustable intervals (e.g. 1 second).

These pictures are converted to an AVI video with 25 frames per second.



Thus a quick-motion picture is created, with which day long procedures can be controlled very fast.

Day-long observations diminish to minute length. Watch a wohle day in seconds !



To playback any previous recorded file, select the register Playback. The recording is played back at 25 frames per second.

A whole day can be watched within seconds.

Download WebCAM Watson   Download WebCAM Watson   Download WebCAM Watson

The recording can be controlled by movement. You can always see the camera image live, but only on movement, the pictures are written to the hard disk.

If no movement is detected in the monitor picture, also no data is written. This keeps AVI files very small.

Select the capture device. This can be a WebCAM or a video camera connected to a frame grabber card.

The properties of the capture device.

Selects the video compressor. By use of a video compressor the AVI files become smaller.

With the Scrollbar under the monitor picture movement sensitivity can be adjusted. As soon as the adjusted threshold of movement sensitivity is exceeded, the recording to the hard disk begins.

The recording can be switched OFF  ON, or movement-controlled.

With the scrollbar under the monitor picture movement sensitivity can be adjusted.

The recording interval can be adjusted from 5 Frame/s to 1Frame/min. The more largely the interval the faster is then the quick-motion picture during playback.


terminates the current current recording and opens the file for playback. At the same time, a new recording is started into a new AVI file.   opens any other AVI file for playback.

Starts and stops the playback. With the Scrollbar and the arrow keys every singe frame can be selected as still image.
swithces from one watch file to another.

Save current frame as .BMP or .JPEG.
Print current frame.



Free download   WebCAM Watson runs in the task bar of Win 98/Me/XP/NT/2000. It does not consume any place on the desktop.

With one doubleclick on the icon in the task bar the WebCAM Watson window with the camera picture becomes visible.



WebCAM Watson is the ideal video long-term monitoring. Note: DirectX 8 or more highly must be installed.

Free Download of DirectX of Microsoft Download Center.